AnonyMissus is a community, brought together for students, wives, lesbians, dudes, bi-racial female garden gnomes, moms (SAH and working, alike), and professional women. This is a community for learning, growing and speaking our minds in our own voices. One review, article, or comment at a time.

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Some of what we do and say goes against the grain. What a motherf*cking shock.

This is where you should come to read about controversial views on politics, mommy life, and other aspects of being human. Got something to say that’s controversial? Hit us up. We might just publish it.


Learn how to Wifeitup like a mother*cking G by reading Wife4Lyfe reviews. We review home contractors, date night locations, and other amazing sh*t. Read reviews and avoid hiring the wrong contractor and ending up in someone’s trunk. Reviews save lives, b*tches! And time. Which is equally sexy.

And to that, we say, plainly and eloquently: FUCK YOU.

At AnonyMissus we know life for ladies is more than just being a brilliant grad student or a glowing SAH mom or an overachieving VP or the ever-horny wife or the perfect daughter-in-law. It's about being all of those things, all at once. The challenge is multifaceted; Be everything. Be it all the time. And wear these 6-inch heels while you're doing that . But don't cuss.

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