7 Gifts That Will Blow Your Gaming Man’s Mind

7 Gifts That Will Blow Your Gaming Man’s Mind

“Hello, my friend. Stay a while, and listen!” (TRANSLATION: Whaddup, ladies). Ever thought about getting your gaming man a gift for his birthday, Christmas, or Father’s day that wasn’t a boring $69.98 dress shirt from Express? Or another damn money clip (that he’ll lose in 4 days anyway)? EASY! Just get him some gaming stuff.

How the f*ck are you supposed to know what the hell to get a gaming man, you ask?

Fret not. I, Resident Gaming Expert Eddie, am here to help you. And to help your man. Because he is “entitled to the sweat of his brow.” (TRANSLATION: he works hard, so he should get cool shit too, blah, blah.)

1. Loot Crate


Loot Crate charges $19.95/month (S&H included) to ship $40+ worth of epic sh*t to your dude, every month. Each crate has a different theme, e.g. Battle, Anniversary, etc. Added bonus: watching the guy run to the mailbox every day like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning.

2. Video-Game-Scented Candles


Nope. Not kidding. These exists and can be found at GameTee. Any dude who loved The Legend of Zelda (btw, THEY ALL DID) will love these Hyrulian Forest candles. Also available: White Mage and Dragon Fire, for Final Fantasy and Dragon Fire lovers, respectively.  Make him giddy and make your house smell like Eucalyptus, all at once. You’re welcome.

3. Mass Effect Parka


Whether he is freezing his giblets in the Midwest/East or dealing with the rain in the west, your dude will look like a badass in his Mass Effect parka. Sold for $69.99, this parka will get your guy stolked for the upcoming release of Mass Effect 4, rumored to be coming out sometime next year.  He can also snuggle with it, when he cries while playing the game (ME has been known to deliver video games that “can rip your heart strings clean out of your chest”).

 4. Oscar-Nominated Video Game Parody Posters

gone-princess-poster-detail_8357 22751-prints-V-The-Grand-Arkham-Asylum.7153 22747-prints-V-Neighborhood.fe7c

These posters from Riptapparel are each $20, and would look pretty rad showcased in a cool $10 Ikea shadowbox. Finally, he’ll have something that isn’t old Jack in the Box bags/empty Mountain Dew cans in his game area/man cave/corner of the office.

 5. War Game Prints

Patrick_Connan_-_Wargames_Board_Games Patrick_Connan_-_Wargames_FPS

And if you haven’t had enough fine art for the day, check out War Game Prints by artist Patrick Connan.

Equally badass and frameable, these rad prints are available at Geek Art Store and are printed, stamped and numbered. Super fancy gamey art time.

6. “Legend of the Hero”


What guy doesn’t like a picture book to make him feel as if he is really reading. “Legend of the Hero” is book that has intricate illustrations and descriptions of the creatures and items from “The Legend of Zelda” series. Available at Fangamer, the 7 x 10″ hardcover book is $35, and has 224 pages of full color badassness. Expect this to be the first book that’s read to your children.

7. Game Map Prints


The only map your man will ever need. City Prints Map Art offers awesome prints of cities and areas from games like Assasin’s Creed (not to be confused with Dawson’s Creek), Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, and even Ms. Pac Man. 12 x 12″ prints are $49, and shipping is included.

 There you have it ladies (or dudes). Gifts that will make you the coolest chick/dude/sig other ever.

What do you think? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below.

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