Our Mission

At AnonyMissus we know life for ladies is more than just being a brilliant grad student or a glowing stay-at-home mom or an overachieving VP of Product Engineering or  the ever-horny wife or the perfect daughter-in-law.

It’s about being all of those things, all at once, while still maintaining an every-thirteen-day bikini wax*.

And much like the lives we lead, the expectations and subsequent realities of aspiring to this are often one long comedy fraught with mayhem, mishap, and the occasional murder of a hooker**.

The challenge is multifaceted; Be everything. Be it all the time. Oh, and wear these 6-inch red patent leather heels while you’re doing that . But don’t cuss while you are doing all that.
And to that, we say, plainly and eloquently: FUCK YOU.
And it was with these words that AnonyMissus.com was born.


Who Are We?

AnonyMissus is a community, brought together for students, wives, lesbians, dudes, bi-racial female garden gnomes, moms (SAH and working, alike), and professional women. This is a community for learning, growing and speaking our minds in our own voices. One review, article, or comment at a time.

This is a place for encouragement and growth. This is a place for experimentation,  meditation, levity, new ideas and laughter.

Join us.


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*Who the f*ck are we kidding. Bikini wax. Ha.

**Very Bad Things was a comedy, right?