What/Who is AnonyMissus?

What is AnonyMissus?

Sometimes AnonyMissus writes reviews. Sometimes those reviews are funny. Always they’ll fill your mind and heart with magical sparkles. Come here to read reviews on EVERYTHING, including that purple-headed barista at that one Starbucks, that restaurant you always drive by on PCH, that essential oil you thought about putting on your kid, or that stupid water bottle you see everyone using. Come ask for advice. Come here to cut through the BS and save yourself some time. Come here to laugh. Come here when you lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes to take a break from the screaming toddler. 


Who is AnonyMissus?

Rumored to have spawned from a Manticore and a Chupacabra, AnonyMissus remained a myth in Central American countries from the 1600s to present day. As of late, AnonyMrs has been known to reside in the moors of South OC with her pet goats and mini-spawn. AnonyMissus is married to AnonyMister, a red-headed giant, who has taken permanent residence in the matrix. Together they raise said mini-spawn, AnonyMunch, one bumbling experience at a time. They have managed to keep him alive for 6 months so far.

AnonyMissus enjoys eating good shi*t, lookin’ fly, and nineteenth century art. She walks on crispy side. She believes in placenta-eating, but also had an elective c-section. She eats organic, but loves her sum Cup-o-Noodles. She’s all about spending quality time with her gremlin, but works 40 hours+ a week. Her favorite movie is the Royal Tenenbaums, and if you want to fight, say something negative about coconuts (SHE DARES YOU).