Fresh Dribblers Carrier Review: You Get Whatcha Paid For

Fresh Dribblers Carrier Review: You Get Whatcha Paid For

You can safely say I’m the queen of baby carriers.

You see, I’m a SAHM to a beautiful 2 year old girl with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  Wearing her haszombie allowed us to easily transport her in situations where a stroller isn’t feasible, as well as provide her with lots of comfort and snuggles. Plus I can do anything in the world with her strapped to me.

We started using baby carriers at birth. I’ve become and expert on them. Ring slings and wraps? Done it. Soft-structured carriers? They’re my JAM. I even attend the local baby wearing meet ups and get a lot of hands on help from the real pros.
buyBaby/toddler carriers will be a part of our lives for a long time due to my daughter’s disability. When she’s teething, nothing calms her like being worn close to mommy. It has made our lives so much easier.

We plan to wear her for many more years and as a result of this fact, I’ve made it a habit to continuously check out the new gear in the market as it becomes available. So when a friend recently asked me to try my hand at the Fresh Dribbler carrier, I agreed.


I will also admit this before going further: I’m a little bit of a carrier snob. Just a teeny bit. The carriers I use run around $200. My personal philosophy is that more often than not,  you “get what you pay for”.

Having said this, for the price: The Fresh Dribbler is a decent deal.

However, here are some observations:

The Good:
  • It has reinforced stitching, which seems secure enough.
  • It’s very affordable at $24.99 per unit, not including shipping or tax.
  • Good customer service: The directions that come with the carrier are very confusing. But, If you contact the company via Facebook they will email you much better instructions with pictures. I did and they did, and all was well again.
The Bad and the Ugly:
  • The buckles are very tiny.
  • The carrier has a narrow base for the baby and does not keep them in a sitting position. If you have a child with a disability that can be prone to hip issues, this is not a great base for him/her, and use should be very limited.The best carriers create a good seat, so that the baby is in more of a seated position.
  • I found it very hard to get my daughter in and out of the carrier. (For all positions). [Sidenote: Isn’t this carrier specifically designed for special needs or medical needs children?] It def does not have the support needed to wear my low tone child forward facing. Making that position could be an easy fix. I can even add a scarf to add some quick support.
  • The fact that there is no waist band for the parent, means all of the baby’s weight is on your shoulders and that could cause back strain for some people.

To wrap up (PUN!) my views on the carrier: I would use this for short carries or when in a pinch. The price of this carrier is a low $24.99 on Amazon, so if you need an affordable carrier, you can’t beat it! But if you plan to wear baby a lot, do baby and yourself a favor and splurge a little on a better and more ergonomic carrier!

 Photo from FreshDribblers

SAHM to a beautiful 2 year old with cerebral palsy. Cloth diapering, essential oil using, baby wearing mommy. Determined to help my family live life to the fullest.