BRÜ Grill & Market: Hard Wood & Lemony Drunkness

BRÜ Grill & Market: Hard Wood & Lemony Drunkness
As always, this post contains smell-o-vision. Press play on the video below to hear, see, and smell this post. We’re f*cking geniuses.

I was skeptical of BRÜ when it first opened a few years back; it seemed like a new pop-up gastropub jumping on the bandwagon in the newly remodeled Arbor area of El Toro.

I’ve visited three times since it’s opened, and I must say, haters be damned. This place is pretty damn good. Ignore the handlebar mustaches and just sit down.

Being a drunken sailor woman, I appreciate any place that lets me order a flight of dark beers (or 13). Additionally, BRÜ offers a pretty damn good selection . At first visit I ordered some Stones, a Port Santa’s Little Helper, Belching Beaver Me So Honey  and a few others. A flight comes with 6 samples, for $10. (Note: If you replicate my order, expect to shave the chest hair you will inevitably grow immediately after your visit, or you will look like a 1970’s vagina. Some testosteroney sh*t.)

On my second visit I ordered smaller items. It should be noted that you should come here for the following two items, even if it’s for breakfast:

  1. Lemon Basil Gimlet: My mouth is watering as I type this. Normally, lemon-anything drinks are laced with a fat line of sugar, that, somehow, I find mildly sexist. Not so with this drink. Prepare to get a tart lemony blast with a  fresh, green basil leaf, recently-picked from BRÜ’s on-site garden. Sounds weird. It’s not. It’s so so so not. If you do order this, prepare to have 9 instead of your intended 2. Bring a giant cartoon spatula that someone can later use to scoop you up off the hardwood floor.
  2. Truffle Mashed Potatoes: I would eat Vladimir Putin’s ass if you put some truffle oil on it. I’ve somehow risen to this strange level of affluence. I don’t care. This said, though, truffle ≠ a tasty dish. You still must scrutinize. This side dish passes the damn test. Creamy, chunky, nutty, earthy, amazingness lives in this little dish. I will literally come back, just for this. And it’s “just” a side dish. I don’t care. Trust me on this.

As always, AnonyMister got a thick slab of bloody cow flesh. I stole a few bites, and good Lord. Pretty damn good. Came with a Potato Fondue, which is both tasty and architecturally confusing. Good food for thought (PUN!!!!).

So all in all, come here. Play around, but get the above. See ya there.



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