CoolShit: What You Need To Know About MantraBands

CoolShit: What You Need To Know About MantraBands

So here’s the deal: for a long time I resented being a girl. I hated the workouts, the waxing, the cramps, the dying of my hair, nail polish, etc.

I felt like I owned a Lamborghini that required non-stop maintenance and I never even chose to buy the bitch.
costumeBut hey. Here’s the other side: when I look good, I feel good. And for that reason my style has always been a little bit “in between”, reflecting The Tao of AnonyMissus: low-key, classic, and minimalist. You won’t find me in rad costume jewelry, despite the fact that like me, it is motherfuckin’ fabulous.

So when I found MantraBands through Mama Natural’s Vlog, I thought to myself: this shit is mahhh jam! Then I ordered a few.

So here’s whatcha need to know about ’em:

  1. They are daintily-thin and look lightweight, but they are solid and well-made.

  2. They come in different metals, so you can mix and match them with different outfits.

  3.  Each one has a separate and cool mantra, in all different fonts. Some are more girly, others more plain.

  4. I haven’t lost them, which means they create their own gravitation pull towards their owners and are filled with voodoo and magic.*

*Usually with jewelry, I get really excited about it for 2 weeks, and then lose it somewhere behind a dresser or in my dog’s bowels. (Kinda like I used to do with the assholes I used to date.) But not so with the MantraBands.

mantrabestSomething about these cute little bangles makes my life a little more complete. I have 4, and I wear 1 or more almost daily. It’s not often that I find jewelery that I enjoy rocking all the time. But I find that something about the mantras fuel me and give me positive reminders, daily.
I recently asked for a substantial raise at my current company. During that period, I wore my “dream bigger” band. I wore the same band when I started this site. I wear it often when I need to remind myself to break through my own inner barriers.

Oftentimes, I find myself struggling with patience. It’s those days that I chose my “be still and know” band. I wear ‘hakuna matata” when I need to remember to chill the fuck out.

These little bands are very female-empowering, which is actually my favorite thing about them. Even on my worst days, when my hair is a greasy hot mess, and my dog pukes up a lizard onto my bare foot, and Anonymunch is screaming the entire way to daycare, and I have 3.5 minutes to prepare for a meeting with my CEO, I can put on my “La Vie Est Belle” band, and you know what? When I look down at it, even for just those 3 seconds, it truly is.

I also love to give these as gifts, because (a) I don’t often see others sporting them, (b) they double as GREAT get-the-kid-to-stop-screaming-at-the-checkout toys and (c) most importantly, I LOVE giving girlfriends gifts that give powerful messages and are metaphors for who we: pretty, feminine, wise, delicate, and STRONG AS HELL.

So before buying your bestie a bouquet of flowers for her birthday, peep MantraBands. And if you are thinking it, no, I was not paid to write this. I am paid to be a motherfucking G, and that has more to do with cage fights than it does with plugging stuff I don’t believe in. *wink*

Rumored to have spawned from a Manticore and a Chupacabra, AnonyMissus remained a myth in Central American countries from the 1600s to present day. She is mom to AnonyMunch. Wife to AnonyMister.
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