Pinot’s Palette Tustin Review: Let’s Get Fabulous .

Pinot’s Palette Tustin Review: Let’s Get Fabulous .
Press play before reading and experience a rainbow flow through your soul.

Get drunk and throw paint all over the place? ┬áDon’t have to tell me twice.

Normally at places where you go to do something cool, like a concert, the snack is a stale ball of cracker jack and wine from a box. PP pleasantly surprises with their oakey chardonnay and crafty IPAs. Pretty bomb hummus. Free chocolate. Can’t ask for more.

Everyone who works there is having a good time. The bartenders can suggest the right brew. The instructor teaching you how to paint is your happy preschool teacher reminding you that the blue-black blob on your canvas ‘doesn’t have to look like a lake’ and ‘can be anything you want it to be’. (Hell yeah it can.) Beyonce reminds you that you’re a fine ass lady over the speakers. It all comes together and for that 2 hour class, world hunger ends and there is no political conflict in the Middle East. It’s all graaavy.

Good vibes, good wine, great Friday night. Come here on a RomCom date or if your feelin’ froggy on a Tuesday.

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