5 Preggy MomHacks That No One Told Me About

5 Preggy MomHacks That No One Told Me About

When I was first pregnant with my son, I had no clue where to start. What to expect? What to buy? Who to eat?

Here’s the reality, for all of my preggy friends out there: there’s things your mom, aunts, ladies at the grocery store, coworkers, and neighbors will tell you. Then there’s things few people will.

And so, here you have it mamas:

The Top 5 Preggy MomHacks That No One Told Me About

1. YouTube Preggy Vlogs: It’s not often that you’ll have ladies pregnant with you on the exact same preggo timeline. And if you are pregnant or have been, you know that every week is a new landscape of wtf-symptoms, shellfish cravings and RAGE attacks. The solution? Our lovely sisters in PreggyHood on YouTube.

Several vloggers like SparklingJessieAnna Saccone and Mama Natural have vlogged each week of their respective pregnancies. The end product is a week-by-week virtual advent calendar. I would be happy to make it to a new week because it meant I could watch that week’s video.

The best part about this, is that these B’s keep it real, just like AnonyMissus likes. I didn’t know Lightning Crotch was a thing until I came across it in our girls’ videos. Thanks, ladies!

Sidenote: each of their respective dudes pop in every so often to chime in on the dad-experience. Not too shabby.


2. PostMates: Just stop what you are doing and download this mofo. What is it? An app that delivers stuff to you. Simple as that. However, you can have ANYTHING delivered, whether it’s Skittles, Doritos, donuts, or a burger from that one place that doesn’t deliver. Incredibly legit, and gives you a hand if and when the hubbs is busy.

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2. Baby Bargains by Denise Fields This book cuts through the BS so much, it makes me a little randy. It gives you the lowdown on the crap that you flat out don’t need, the stuff you can buy used, and the studownloadff you should buy new. Additionally, it gives options for premium, affordable, and bargain products with yearly-updated ratings on safety. Just put down every other registry and get this. Trust us.

 Protip: Only read one section at a time, and use as a reference.

3. Facebook Sales Groups I thought that I could just use Craigslist to buy all the used items I wanted. But the thought of ending up in the trunk of some dude’s El Dorado was too gnarly. Plus I couldn’t get Thai food delivered there. So I joined a few Facebook Mommy Sales groups. This was a GODSEND. Why? I was able to chat with moms about their products, put up “ISO”s (“In Search Of”s) and find resold items that were literally within blocks of my home. An added perk is that the majority of these moms are desperate to rid themselves of the tidal wave of baby stuff they no longer need. I scored some sweet deals that were often much newer and in better condition than what I found on CL.

4. Placenta Pills I feel so strongly about this, that I wrote a separate post on it. Here’s the breakdown: you want to avoid PPD. This helps you avoid PPD. It worked for me, so it could work for you.

5. Belly Bandit My objectives post-baby looked like this: (1) keep kid alive, (2) keep marriage working, (3) keep body from shutting down and (4) get skinny again without doing a damn thing.

Naturally, these are all tall orders. Particularly #4. But as luck would have it, I planned ahead and got this little ditty. It’s soft, washable, and helps if you’ve had a C-sec, too.

The bbamboo_black_front_1_4ottom line is: it worked for me. I felt tighter in the tummy area, and I lost 19 lbs in the first month. Yes, I’m being serious. I’m certain that breastfeeding helped, but I liked having multiple plans of attack to target the evil 37 lbs I gained eating all the Haagen Daas .

Protip: Buy one new and one used. I was a medium right out of the hospital but quickly shrunk to a small. The new one should be the one you will use more. Yes, this is me in the picture.*







So there you have it mamas. Did I miss something? Tell me in the comments below!


*Nope, it is not. I don’t look that good now, and I’m not even pregnant anymore.

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